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Tama MC69 Single Tom-Tom Attachement with FastClamp System Original price was: R1,199.00.Current price is: R1,155.00.
Tama MS42R14C 14″ Regular Snare Drum Snappy Snares – 42 Strand
Tama MS42R14C 14" Regular Snare Drum Snappy Snares - 42 Strand Original price was: R225.00.Current price is: R208.00.

Tama MHA623 Hi-Hat Attachment with FastClamp System

Original price was: R499.00.Current price is: R346.00.


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Introducing the Tama MHA623 Hi-Hat Attachment with FastClamp System, a versatile and innovative accessory designed to revolutionize your drumming experience. Crafted with precision and built for convenience, this hi-hat attachment offers seamless integration into your drum setup, allowing for effortless positioning and quick adjustments.

The Tama MHA623 features a cutting-edge FastClamp System, making it incredibly easy to attach and detach the hi-hat to any cymbal stand or rack. Gone are the days of struggling with cumbersome hardware. With the FastClamp System, you can swiftly mount your hi-hat securely, saving precious setup time and ensuring stability during your performances.

Designed with durability in mind, the Tama MHA623 is built to withstand the demands of regular use. Its robust construction guarantees long-lasting performance, providing a reliable foundation for your hi-hat cymbals. Whether you’re a studio drummer, a live performer, or a passionate enthusiast, this hi-hat attachment is engineered to withstand intense drumming sessions without compromising on stability or quality.

The Tama MHA623 offers exceptional versatility in positioning your hi-hat. Its adjustable mechanism allows for precise control over the height, angle, and tilt of the cymbals, ensuring optimal playing ergonomics and personalized customization. Whether you prefer a low and tight hi-hat setup or a more open and expressive feel, this attachment gives you the flexibility to achieve your desired sound and playing style.

Key Specs:

  • FastClamp System for effortless attachment and detachment
  • Durable construction for long-lasting performance
  • Versatile positioning options for personalized customization
  • Compatible with various cymbal stands and racks

Upgrade your drumming setup with the Tama MHA623 Hi-Hat Attachment with FastClamp System and experience the convenience and flexibility it brings to your playing. Say goodbye to tedious setup processes and welcome the ease of quick adjustments. Achieve the perfect hi-hat positioning, unlock new playing techniques, and elevate your drumming to new heights with this exceptional accessory.




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