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Jamo S805 HCS 5.0 Surround Sound Speaker Package -Black
Jamo S805 HCS 5.0 Surround Sound Speaker Package -Black Original price was: R13,599.00.Current price is: R13,159.00.

Jamo S807 HCS 5.0 Surround Sound Speaker Package -Walnut



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Introducing the S 807 Dolby Atmos ready home cinema system from AmplifiCity, South Africa.

Elegant Design Meets High Performance Experience incredible acoustic performance with a sleek and modern design. The S 807 system is designed to provide an immersive home theater experience.

Complete 5.0 Home Theater This complete home theater package includes:

  • 2 x S 807 Tower Speakers
  • 2 x S 801 Speakers for Surround Sound
  • 1 x S 81 CEN Center Channel Speaker
  • Dolby Atmos Ready for S 8 ATM Speakers

Versatility in Placement The front-firing tube port allows for versatile placement options such as in cabinets or against walls for enhanced, cleaner bass response.

Studio 8 WaveGuide Technology The system features Studio 8 WaveGuide technology that focuses high frequencies for dynamic, powerful sound.

Minimalist Design Fully magnetic grilles with no mounting holds or push pins give a clean, minimalist front baffle design. The large, woven pattern linen grilles come in two unique colors: heather gray with white models, and charcoal gray for black or walnut finishes. Wood grain accents around the tweeters, at the bases, and feet give a handcrafted, natural look.



JAMO Home Audio

JAMO Home Audio

Since1968, JAMO has been making brilliant speakers for impressive sound. JAMO offers a wide range of speakers & accessories. All JAMOs products offer astonishing clarity and outstanding designs. Use them for your Hi-Fi, for the great outdoors, and for home cinemas. This innovative sound company is part of Klipsch Audio Technologies.

Who is JAMO?

JAMO is the brainchild of 2 Danish brothers whose humble beginnings started out with a music shop. They soon went on to greater things, and today they are behind one of the most impressive speaker brands. They make their products for endurance and quality. Fashioned them from durable aluminium, stainless steel, and leather, their speakers are a brilliant option for indoor and outdoor use.

Is JAMO Home Audio Any Good?

Music enthusiasts wanting quality sound without breaking the bank will like this range. Get bang for your buck with JAMO speakers. There is something for everyone and for all budgets. We usually use JAMO speakers as add-ons with other brands. Two of these are Denon and Yamana. The speakers, although used to tie in with other brands, are fine to use as a single stand-alone unit. JAMO speakers

5 Top Benefits of Using JAMO Home Audio

1. JAMO Are Famous for Their Superior Sound Quality

If you are in the market for quality sound, JAMO will get you the high quality in your space. JAMO makes top-notch bookshelf speakers, home theatre systems, and powered monitors. They also make sound bars, first-rate floor-standing speakers, amongst others.

2. How to Match Your JOMO Product with Your Decor. It's Easy!

Match your JAMO products with your decor and colour scheme. Let your acoustic technology blend in with your surroundings thanks to the colour variations and designs available.

3. JAMO Boasts a Well-Built Range of Products

JAMOs products are sleek and easy on the eye. But they are more than good looks. They build them to last.

4. JAMO and Connectivity Go Together Like Carrots and Peas

There are some matches in life that make sense. Like horses and carriages and carrots and peas. JAMO and connectivity are one pair that makes sense. JAMO is always ready to connect. With the latest and greatest in connectivity technology, JAMO has much to offer. There are no disconnection challenges with JAMO products. If you are a technophobe, JAMO is the perfect product for you. Not everyone is technically skilled. JAMO is easy to connect. This is one of the #1 advantages of all JAMO products. The wireless connectivity is both stable and easy to use.

5. Get Bang for Your Buck with JAMO

These speakers are reliable and durable, with outstanding sound quality. For the price you pay for your JAMO products, every cent invested is worth it. Brilliant quality and powerful sound come standard. Enjoy excellent acoustic performance.

Invest in a JAMO today for Excellence

Enjoy a clean design and brilliant acoustic performance with ready speakers. Get your sound speaker package from us. Call Amplificity today to find out more about our excellent range of JAMO products. Invest in a JAMO today for Excellence


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