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Alpine – 4′ Coaxial 2-Way Speaker – 10cm



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Alpine Audio

alpine audio for car

Who is Alpine?

Alpine has been creating brilliant acoustic equipment for over 5 decades. They offer music enthusiasts the best in sound. Their sound philosophy is for you to enjoy high quality and innovation through music exploration.

Where is Alpine Car Sound Made?

Alpine Electronics is a subordinate of the Japanese electronics Alps Electric manufacturers. The company specialises in navigation systems and car audio equipment. If it's a portable navigation device, it's probably an Alpine product! They established Alps Electric manufacturers in 1967 as Alps Motorola. This was a joint venture between Motorola, a US-based company, and Alps Electric. Alpine Electronics Inc. was formed in 1978 when Alps bought out the Motorola shares. Their headquarters is in Iwaki, Fukushima Prefecture, in Japan. You can find other Alpine manufacturing plants in Thailand, Mexico, and China. Others are in Brazil and Hungary.

Are Alpine Car Stereos Any Good?

If it is an Alpine product you invest in, it won't disappoint. Enjoy clarity of sound quality. Their products offer the most pristine harmony for music lovers, and the best experience for sound enthusiasts. Their perfect balance of design and performance awakens the emotions. They achieve this through exquisite listening quality in every auto radio and product. No matter where you are - at home with excellent acoustics, or on the move in your car, you can enjoy the sound of quality. Alpine continues to strive towards offering consumers harmonic satisfaction. With one-of-a-kind sound system products, they are one of the world's leading companies making electronic car equipment. They are leaders in stereos and car sound. This giant in the industry has been making models with incredible upgrades. For example, being able to access your favourite music app, apple music, upgraded display technology, and an enhanced experience through sound imaging. Car companies such as Dodge and Jaguar offer co-branding Alpine Car Systems in their cars. More than half of Alpine's revenue came from OEM (original equipment manufacturer) sales in 2006. best car sound quality

6 Features of Alpine Car Sound

1. Affordable and Powerful Car Sound

Enjoy high-quality, powerful music at affordable prices.

2. What Colours Do They Come in?

Get your robust car speakers in elegant, black or metallic black.

3. What About Size?

Get your Alpine speakers in varying sizes. Each car make has a unique sound system with its individual width and length. Car systems come equipped with 2 extra speakers. Alpine speakers compete with background noise.

4. Enjoy Pure Sound

Different people enjoy unique qualities in car sound. Whether or not you are sitting close to the speakers, every passenger can enjoy the same pure sound. Enjoy distortion-free sound throughout your vehicle.

5. The Frame is Soft and Chic

Alpine's soft silky exterior adds a touch of class to any interior. This allows the speakers to absorb an increase in volume and will not tear with a sudden increase in volume.

6. Size is Inconsequential

The size of the speakers does not affect the quality of the sound. Every Alpine sound system has the potential for impressive sound. Sound will depend on the space. The aesthetic appeal attracts buyers of all ages.

How to Hook up Your Alpine Car Stereo

Connect your sound system with the wiring. Expert technicians can attach the wires to the battery that supplies the power. There are no wireless connections, but the main amplifier could have wireless adapters.

Where to Buy Your Alpine Car Sound

Alpine car sound produces beautiful and clear audio. There is no distortion and no vibration inside the car. Get your Alpine Car Sound from Amplificity today.


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