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Dr Artex Car Soundproofing in South Africa

Who is Dr Artex?

DrArtex is a proudly run family business. It is a premier car soundproofing company. The patriarch of the family is a sound quality enthusiast.

He spent many hours perfecting audio quality, taking sound quality to new heights. In this time, he realised that a solution between the quality of audio inside a car and noise pollution had to be found. The result is some of the best sound proofing in South Africa.

Where Is DrArtex From?

Their offices are in Singapore. The focus of the business is on transforming the audio conditions for both passengers and drivers. DrArtex has been making audio come alive without noise pollution since 1996!

They distribute this excellent audio brand across the globe. You can find DrArtex in over 20 countries. The secret behind the successful DrArtex story is the company’s agility. Dr Artex can move with the times in a changing landscape.

This dynamic audio company understands the market better than anyone in the industry. They continue to innovate and create new products. Reducing noise levels is their jam, and there is definitely an improved relationship with noise pollution when you use DrArtex products.

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Is Dr Artex Car Soundproofing Any Good?

Dr Artex creates the most researched soundproofing products in existence. They spend hundreds of hours testing all our products, too. The result? Pure excellence.

Enjoy peace of mind, knowing that all their soundproofing solutions are environmentally friendly. Noise pollution is an actual problem. When navigating the roads, their focus is on driver listening without sound distractions. The ultimate aim is an improved road experience for all music enthusiasts.

5 Top Benefits of Using Dr Artex Soundproofing in Your Vehicle

1. Dr Artex Tries & Tests All Their Products

They thoroughly try and test all their products for hundreds of hours. That means you will get products that are of high-quality and tested for reliability.

2. They Focus on the Health of Individuals

Audio plays an important role in the health of individuals. That’s why Dr Artex focuses on sound enjoyment through the use of soundproofing materials. They conduct tests thorough noise measurement tactics to understand environmental hazards and the impact and sources of noise pollution.

3. This Company Strives Towards the Reduction of Noise Pollution

The goal is reduced noise pollution and greater musical enjoyment. With Dr Artex, you can cut out external noise and get clearer, less disrupted sound inside your car.

4. They Focus on Quality through Outsourcing to Multiple Producers

All Dr Artex audio brands have single manufacturers to achieve correct sales volumes. With a focus on quality, they outsource their manufacturing to many small factories. This ensures dedicated results.

5. Long-Term Quality Through Outsourcing

The Dr Artex promise to each customer is the long-term, high-quality stability of all their manufactured products. The outsourcing approach they have chosen plays an integral role in delivering world-class end products.

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Find Your DrArtex Products at Amplificity for Sound Excellence

To choose the right products for your soundproofing, contact us at Amplificity. We are here to show you how each product functions differently. The aim is to resolve certain specific issues and capabilities.


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