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At AmplifiCity, where we have a wide selection of top-quality home audio, car audio, and musical instruments from some of the most trusted and respected brands in the industry. We’re proud to offer products from Sonos, Kicker, Alpine, Marshall, Alto, Ibanez, Shure, Vogels, and Kenwood, all at competitive prices.

Sonos is a leading brand in the home audio space, offering a range of high-quality wireless speakers and soundbars that deliver crisp, clear sound and easy connectivity. From the compact Sonos One to the powerful Playbar, there’s a Sonos product to suit every need.

Kicker is a brand that’s synonymous with high-performance car audio. Whether you’re looking for a new set of speakers, an amplifier, or a subwoofer, Kicker has you covered. With their reputation for quality and reliability, you can trust that a Kicker product will deliver the best possible sound in your vehicle.

Alpine is another well-known brand in the car audio world, offering a range of products including head units, speakers, and amplifiers. Their advanced technology and sleek designs make them a popular choice for those looking to upgrade their car’s sound system.

Marshall is a brand that needs no introduction for music lovers. From their iconic guitar amplifiers to their high-quality headphones and speakers, Marshall products are known for their powerful sound and classic style.

Alto is a brand that specializes in professional audio equipment, including PA systems, microphones, and speakers. Whether you’re a musician, a DJ, or just someone who loves great sound, Alto has something to offer.

Ibanez is a brand that’s well-known among guitar players. With a wide range of electric, acoustic, and bass guitars, as well as pedals and other accessories, Ibanez has something for every style and level of player.

Shure is a brand that’s trusted by audio professionals around the world. From microphones and headphones to wireless systems, Shure has a reputation for quality and reliability.

Vogels is a brand that’s known for their innovative and stylish home audio solutions. From TV wall mounts and speaker stands to soundbars and subwoofers, Vogels has everything you need to elevate your home audio experience.

Kenwood is a brand that offers a range of car audio products, including head units, speakers, and amplifiers. Known for their cutting-edge technology and reliable performance, Kenwood products are a popular choice for car audio enthusiasts.

We hope you’ll take the time to explore our selection of products from these and other top brands. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your home audio, your car’s sound system, or your musical instruments, we have something to suit every need and budget.

Thanks for choosing AmplifiCity for all your audio and music needs.

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